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SPUD 2006 – 2017   Hello all you lovely people It is with great sadness that we must share some sad news – our very special furry friend, Spud, has passed away. We no longer compete for the comfiest bed or the best bit of sunny space, and our room in the back office of Wilson Hill is a very lonely place. A key member of the business, loyal friend and family member – we shall never forget her.  In her honour, I thought I would share a few happy memories of my dear friend. We were not previously working dogs but when the Partners started up Wilson Hill we were only too keen to be involved and became the ‘Canine Partners’ of the ... Read more


Spud and Daisy are chipped!

Daisy – Hey Spud, how’s things? Spud – Daisy my wee pal – all good with me thanks. I see you have a new dog bed, is it comfy? I might just have to try it out for size…… Daisy – I think Spud, you will find that it is way too small for you and just about the perfect size for me! And yes thanks it is very comfy so keep your curly brown butt out of it! So changing the subject Spud have you got a chip? Spud – a chip? Why? Are you hungry? Daisy – well I am always hungry, especially if there are chips on offer but no, I was not referring to a potato chip. I was asking if you have an identity chip? You know one of those little thing... Read more


Selling your house…..but what about its contents?

  There are so many reasons why people move house and whatever the reason when the big day comes everything inside the house needs to be packed up into boxes and loaded into the removal lorry. But wait, before it all gets boxed up it is well worth thinking about what will, and what will not fit into the new house that you are moving to. It may be that the style of the house is completely different, you may be moving from a modern city living apartment to a Grade II listed farmhouse and all your clean lines and minimal design furniture will look out of place in your new home. Or you may be moving to a smaller house and might not need as m... Read more

Spud again

Spud and Daisy browse the web

Spud – Daisy, you know our beds in the office? Do you think perhaps we should have an upgrade? Daisy – What do you mean Spud? Spud – well I have been having a little look online…. Daisy – online?   Spud – yes, you know on the computer, and you wouldn’t believe what I saw! The beds that some dogs get are so swish, not to mention some of the dog houses. Here take a look……there is this one with the pink feathers all around…….I wouldn’t be seen dead in that, it would clash with my gorgeous autumn red colouring. In fact at this time of year I am so well camouflaged. I bet you can hardly see me in amongst the autumn leaves... Read more

Spud has to visit the vet….

    Daisy – Spud what is that fetching blue collar you have been wearing? Is it some kind of fashion statement? The latest trend on the Paris Dog Walk? Spud – Sadly not Daisy, it is a horrible, uncomfortable collar that the vet put on me. Apparently it is supposed to stop me licking and biting at my stiches, which are really itchy. Daisy – Vet? Stiches? Why have you had stiches? Spud – I had to have an operation Daisy. Daisy – Oh Spud I am so sorry, how are you feeling? Spud – well I am much better now thanks Daisy – what was wrong? Spud – I am not sure I want to say, it is a bit embarrassing. Daisy – Oh Spud you c... Read more


So you are thinking of moving?

What is the first thing to do? Where do you start? Well the first thing we would recommend would be get your paper work in order. Have you had any building works done on the house, or made any alterations or extensions? Any work done on your house will come with accompanying paper work whether that be guarantees of the works that have been carried out or the necessary planning permission or building regulations. It is important and helpful for a smooth sales process to have as much of this paper work in order as you possibly can. Presentation of your home is key to achieving a good sale. First impressions really do count and buyers often make... Read more

WH016-133 Drive

Welcome home Daisy!

 Spud – Daisy, your back, thank heavens! We have been so busy whilst you have been away I even had to bring Worcester in to help me out. How are you? And how was your holiday? Where did you go? Daisy – Hi Spud, I had a lovely time thank you. I went to Suffolk to stay with my daughter. Spud – the naughty one? Daisy – Yes, Spud, the naughty one but she was actually quite well behaved whilst I was staying and we had lots of great games, lovely long walks and I got to sit on Granny’s lap loads of times. Spud – That sounds like a perfect holiday. Did you get to each cheese as well? Daisy – oh Spud, you and your cheese obsession! Yes... Read more

Wilson hill sign

Valentine’s Day at Wilson Hill

Spud – Daisy, Valentine’s Day is coming up – are you getting excited? Daisy – Well sort of but I doubt I will get a card or any flowers. Spud – Why would you want flowers? Or a card? Daisy – Well that is traditional isn’t it? You know, a nice meal, some flowers, chocolates and a card? Spud – What on earth would I want with flowers and a card? And as for chocolate, that could kill me! No Daisy, I was hoping for cheese! In fact there is a rather lovely cheddar which is made in a heart shape. I think that would be a lovely Valentine’s gift but sadly I don’t think anyone is going to give me any presents. Daisy – Do you h... Read more


A New Year and our 1st birthday!

Who else out there has a birthday in January? I bet a lot of you do and most of you probably think it is a cold, dull month with nothing but negatives………deflated after the festive season, hung over from the New Year’s Eve party and to cap it all the debts racked up over Christmas to be paid off? Well we disagree – in January 2015 we are celebrating our first year in business and what a great year it has been! With their years of experience behind them Russell and William slipped straight back into their estate agents roles and quickly got the ball rolling with our very first sale achieving a landmark price. Now, a year on and 14 sal... Read more

Stamp Duty changes

Stamp Duty Changes On Wednesday the Chancellor announced changes in the Autumn Statement to the Stamp Duty rates. These changes will of course affect the housing market and we thought it might be helpful to explain a little more on how these changes might affect you, if you are thinking of putting your property on the market in the near future. Previously, with the old system, there were three major points where there were hikes in tax bills, these being when you went through the thresholds at £500,000, £1 million and £2 million. We refer to these as the cliffs below. This led to a distortion in the market at these price boundaries. The ch... Read more

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