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Why Choose Us?


Love what you do

At Wilson Hill, we see the bigger picture and have always trusted our instincts and strong local knowledge, there is hardly a lane we have not been down. We listen and never assume. We are human – compassion and caring is a strength not a weakness. Moving house is the most stressful experience anyone undertakes.


Fantastic Communication

Be the best at communication.  We speak often and use technology with a human touch, not at the expense of it.  We are never embarrassed to admit we get it wrong…we are never right 100% of the time. We use that experience to be wiser.


Trust us

We will stand our ground for our clients best interests. We do not forget who is paying our fee.


The best tools of the trade

We believe simplicity is key, hands-on approach with a strong street presence.  We have a great web site with human interaction. Wonderful brochures and fabulous photographs, we like to say it as it is.  Be noticed, our striking for sale boards are working for our clients 24/7.


Know your buyers

We show houses ourselves which gives us immediate market feedback and a feel for sentiment so we can spot early, any changes in mood. We will connect you to the best buyers.


A regional centre of excellence

We have a shared understanding with our clients of living and working in this wonderful part of the world.  We like to see our clients often and encourage everyone to drop in and see us.