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Spud and Daisy – Hi Harriet

Added on 24th March 2014

Spud and Daisy – Hi Harriet

Harriet – Hi Spud, Hi Daisy, good to see you guys how are you both?

Spud – We’re okay thanks but we were just talking and realised that we have spoken to Russell about what it is you all do here every day, we have invited William to blog for us and we have chatted to Square about her golf so we were wondering what is it that you get up to when you are not in the office selling property in the Petersfield area?

Harriet – Well as I think you both know, unlike Square I don’t play golf, but like Square I do love the outdoors. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area and to be able to walk on The South Downs with so much open space and glorious views and the changing seasons definitely bring a smile to my face. Of course this time of year is such a joy with the warmth of the sun coming through and the bright daffodils cheering us all up after the long wet winter, and who doesn’t love the summer? But I particularly like the autumn. I am a keen forager and like to wander slowly through the woods looking for those elusive mushrooms that are so well camouflaged by the autumn leaves. And then of course there is the winter……I do like winter in the UK because it is the perfect excuse for a lovely warm fire and crumpets for tea but my passion is skiing so of course the winter brings the excitement and anticipation of a trip to the Alps!

Spud – skiing! Wow I love the snow. It is such fun and all the snow sticks to my beard.


Daisy – Me too, me too…..I love the snow too, it is so soft and fluffy and I don’t mind at all about it being a bit cold on my feet. I’m not so keen on the skiing because it means I get left behind and I think it would be fun but it is not so bad as I get to go to stay with my daughter in Suffolk so I have a holiday too.

Harriet – I think you are right Daisy, I am sure you would enjoy skiing.

Spud – Why do you like skiing so much?

Harriet – Well for a start you are out in the great outdoors so plenty of fresh air and in the mountains the air is really fresh! The scenery is truly breath taking and if it is a sunny day the sky can be such an amazing bright blue colour. This is a photo of the view from the apartment where we stay.FlaineThen there is the skiing itself, I love the sensation of skiing, it is a bit hard to describe but it is a combination of floating, flying and sometimes even dancing. It is exhilarating and at end the day you have that wonderful exhaustion that comes from taking a lot of exercise. Also because you do take a lot of exercise and use a lot of energy you can eat loads and I love the food in the Alps – there is a lot of cheese, potatoes and cured ham and for pudding they have wonderful tarts covered in raspberries or wild blueberries.

Spud – It certainly sounds good and I like the sound of all that food!




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