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Big Dogs Breakfast – 19th September 10am -12.00 come and join us

Added on 4th September 2014

Daisy – Oh Spud I am SO excited. Do you know what is happening in a couple of weeks?

Spud – No, what is up?

Daisy – At Wilson Hill they are having a Big Dogs BreakfastIMG_6884

Spud – Well I definitely like the sound of that Daisy, tell me more.


dogs-logoV2[1]Daisy – It is to raise money for that wonderful charity Dogs for the Disabled, you can find out more by clicking this link, and we get to invite all our doggie friends to pop into the Wilson Hill offices in Lavant Street, Petersfield to enjoy doggie treats – for a donation of course.

Spud – That sounds like great fun. Will there be cheese?

Daisy – Oh Spud, you and your addiction to cheese! I am sure Harriet and Square can make sure there is some sort of cheesey treat on offer, just for you.

Spud – And what about the humans?

Daisy – Don’t worry about them Spud there will be plenty of things to tempt them to help us raise money for such a good cause. I think I heard Square mention brownies, whatever they are and Harriet said something about lemon drizzle cake which doesn’t sound up to much to me, but apparently they like it.BuwOAb9IgAAkT2H[1]

Spud – Oh I hope there are gravy bones too. It is going to be a really fun day in the office, I can’t wait. We must invite Worcester and Archie and Percy………oh and we mustn’t forget Rufus and??

Daisy – calm down Spud. It is lovely that you are so excited but we will invite everyone and encourage them all to bring their friends as well.

Spud – so when exactly is this happening Daisy – I can’t wait too long!

Daisy – It is on Friday 19 September from 10.00 till 12.00, there will be tea, coffee or elderflower cordial for the people as well as a selection of yummy treats for humans and dogs and hopefully we will raise lots of money for those wonderful people at Dogs for the Disabled to train lots more clever dogs to help people who find life all a bit tricky.

Spud – come on Daisy, we will be very busy organising all of this let’s get to work!IMG_6914IMG_6919


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