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Daisy’s Holiday

Added on 7th October 2014

Spud – Hi Daisy, Lovely to see you, I have missed you whilst you have been away. Where did you go?

Daisy – Oh Spud, I went on holiday! This time they took me with them and it was so much fun. Usually they leave me at Joey’s which is lovely too and I get really spoilt sitting on Simon’s lap most of the time but this time I got to stay with ‘The Hub’ and we went all over the place. I even got to sit on the back seat of the car and not in the boot like usual!


On the first day we went to a place called Eggarton Hill which is owned by the National Trust and we had a brilliant walk. The views were amazing and apparently there is a iron age hill fort there but I couldn’t see anything, for the life of me it all looked green and grassy. And whilst we were there we all had a picnic. I love a picnic, don’t you Spud?

IMG_7423Spud – One of my favourite things Daisy

Daisy – It’s great isn’t it, I got some snackerels as well as sitting in the wonderful open countryside with my two favourite people, the perfect start to a lovely week.

Spud – then where did you go?

IMG_7345Daisy – Then we went to visit a friend in Devon. Their Jack Russell is called Rocket and she certainly lives up to her name – oh boy can she move! She runs so fast! We had some fun times playing with their little girl Rose. She is only three so the perfect size for playing with Jack Russells as long as we are gentle! And what is really good is that they live near the beach like you Spud.

SpudIMG_7501Spud – I love days on the beach, the sand in between your toes and the wind in your ears and that lovely salty spray of the sea getting into your nostrils, makes me feel alive!

Daisy – Here, here! And lots of new and exciting smells. Next we went to Dartmoor. That was great, it was rather cloudy but still an exciting place. There are ponies that just wander around. They are completely wild and have a really hairy coat. We went for a long walk up a tor. That’s what they call a hill and the one we went up had a rocky mound at the top which I got to sit on!

Spud – and you being so small Daisy, it must have been quite an exhilarating experience. IMG_7399IMG_7402

Daisy – Yes it was Spud, but I do hope you are not being sizeist against my short legs again!

Spud – as if I would Daisy?

Daisy – Good!

Spud – What next?

Daisy – well the next day we went to another beach, this time on the north Somerset coast, it is called Brean Down and again owned by the National Trust. It is a finger of land that points into the Bristol Channel across to Wales so it is surrounded by water almost all around. There is a Victorian fort as well but that was not as exciting as the rest of it.


Spud – well Daisy, it does sound like you had a lot of fun and I hope you are now feeling refreshed and ready to get back to the serious work in the office?

Daisy – oh but I am worn out after all the excitement – might need a little nap first….. Daisy 002


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