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Excited about the launch of Torberry House

Added on 14th February 2014

Hi Spud. Have you heard? Wilson Hill has its first property for sale on the website. Torberry House in West Harting, it is a great looking property with so much potential.

Yes Daisy, I saw that and what a great location, did you see the views?

Yes I have Spud and what’s more I can tell you that Torberry House is in a lovely spot for some excellent walks. You can walk around the village as the roads are nice and quiet and not too busy with cars and there are footpaths all around. Then there are The South Downs only minutes away in a car and up there, there are thousands of different routes to take with some really exciting smells; deer, rabbits, foxes and sometimes even hares. It is such fun sniffing out all these yummy smells and of course there are often other dogs out on walks too so it is fun to meet them too.

And I was told it is only a few miles from Petersfield where there is an excellent vet so if they have a dog it would be quick and easy to get to in case they might be feeling a bit poorly.

Yes and in Petersfield there is a shop which is full of such delicious smells. I went there once to choose my new dog bed and I was given a biscuit. The whole place smelt of all sorts of delicious things to eat, there were bones and chews and all sorts of toys. But getting back to Torberry House for a moment, it would be a great place to live and there are so many things you could do with the annexe, it could be extra space for living in or used as an office and if the owners worked from home then they could have a dog…

Oh yes and we could go for walks together!

Well maybe Spud but the people who buy the house might not want a dog……just think………they might want a ………. cat!

Oh Daisy that wouldn’t be a problem, I have a cat that lives with me and we are great friends.

spud and tiki

You have a cat living in your house? Oh my! I try to chase the cats away from my house but maybe I should try and be friends with them instead.

Well Daisy, I for one am very excited about the first property on our website and now there are photos in the windows of the office which are looking really smart as well. I think that a lot of people will want to see this


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