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The Hangers Way – Spud and Daisy’s thoughts

Added on 20th February 2014

Hope you are having a fun time this half term Daisy. It is such a lovely time to get out on some really great walks. The weather is getting a bit better and the days are getting longer. Have you ever walked up on The Hangers?

What are The Hangers Spud? I thought Hangers were something you put your coat on or a place to keep an aeroplane.

 No Daisy, you are so silly! The Hangers are wonderful mainly beech woodlands on chalk and where this chalk falls away there is a steep slope with some glorious views. The Hangers Way is a full 21 miles if you do the whole thing! I think that would be too much for either of us all in one day what with you and those silly short legs of yours!

Oi! Don’t be rude about my legs! They are completely in proportion to the rest of me and I will have a wager with you that I would keep up with you every step of the way, even out run you maybe!

Ooo Daisy! Now, now don’t get your hairy little whiskers in a twist!

What? You mean not like your curly hair?

Okay, okay, well let’s not fight. As I was saying The Hangers are such a great place for a really good walk. You can start the route at The Queen Elizabeth Country Park, just outside Petersfield at one end or at Alton Railway Station at the other end and along the way there are some brilliant views to enjoy as well as some good pubs where you can stop and get some lunch.

Now you are talking, do we get lunch too?

Well some of the pubs are dog friendly so I guess that if you are lucky then maybe you could get a bite of something. You might need a bit of sustenance as some of the hills are pretty steep. Maybe that is how the nearby village of Steep got its name.

Steep hills don’t bother me, my short legs give me a very low centre of gravity which means hills aren’t a problem at all.

Let’s not get back to the topic of your legs Daisy.


Steep viewAs well as the views and pubs are there lots of interesting smells on these walks Spud?

Yes of course Daisy. There are often deer and rabbits of course – they get everywhere it seems, but there are also lots of different plants and flowers and part of the route takes you through Selborne where Gilbert White’s House is. You can go in and have a look around and they even allow us dogs into the gardens as long as we are on a lead.

Thank you Spud, you have got me all excited about trying out a new walk. I hope I will be taken there this weekend, it really does sound exciting.



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