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A New Year and our 1st birthday!

Added on 8th January 2015

Who else out there has a birthday in January? I bet a lot of you do and most of you probably think it is a cold, dull month with nothing but negatives………deflated after the festive season, hung over from the New Year’s Eve party and to cap it all the debts racked up over Christmas to be paid off?

Well we disagree – in January 2015 we are celebrating our first year in business and what a great year it has been!

With their years of experience behind them Russell and William slipped straight back into their estate agents roles and quickly got the ball rolling with our very first sale achieving a landmark price. Now, a year on and 14 sales under their belts, they are keen as ever and excited for the challenges that a new year brings.

Harriet and Square have spent the year getting to grips with the office systems, ensuring that the filing is easy to access and up to date, doing battle with the photocopier/printer, IT issues and generally ensuring that everything runs smoothly and the boys are fully supported in their work. They have embraced new challenges and juggled the home/work life balance by mutual co-operation and flexibility. Excitingly, Amelia and Etta joined to the team to enable more flexibility, stepping in sometimes at short notice when we were over stretched.

And of course, we mustn’t forget the invaluable contribution brought to Wilson Hill by our ever faithful, four legged, furry friends. Yes, of course I am referring to Spud and Daisy – the stars of the show really. They have taken to being working dogs, like ducks to water. With the help of a little bribery in the form of gravy bones they have written 23 blogs, posed for the cameras for our Christmas card and thoroughly enjoyed events such as pancake day, the football world cup, Wimbledon and of course the highlight of their year, The Big Dog’s Breakfast – a fantastic fundraising effort on their part, where they invited all their doggy friends (and their owners) to the office for a fundraising coffee morning, raising over £200 for Dogs for the Disabled and having a lots of fun in the process.

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So we look forward to the year ahead – what will it bring? Well we know it will bring a General Election in May but as we found over the traditionally quiet summer months, with the digital age, the world of estate agency is changing as much as any other. So why waste the first 17 weeks of the year? We anticipate January to March to be key months of opportunity as many prospective sellers will wait for the General Election to have taken place before acting. By January the best buyers are keen to see quality houses so a property launched early is likely to perform well. 2015 also sees the launch of a new property portal This is a not for profit, mutual where agents can display property at its very best without the distractions of any unwanted pop ups or other advertising. So we think January is an exciting month with lots happening.

We will be cracking on for our clients and looking forward to another exciting year in prospect.

Wishing you all a very Happy 2015

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