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Selling your house…..but what about its contents?

Added on 8th February 2016

There are so many reasons why people move house and whatever the reason when the big day comes everything inside the house needs to be packed up into boxes and loaded into the removal lorry. But wait, before it all gets boxed up it is well worth thinking about what will, and what will not fit into the new house that you are moving to. It may be that the style of the house is completely different, you may be moving from a modern city living apartment to a Grade II listed farmhouse and all your clean lines and minimal design furniture will look out of place in your new home. Or you may be moving to a smaller house and might not need as much furniture. So what do you do with all this stuff? Well, initially you handpick your favourite treasured possessions. Things that you know you want to keep with you, but then what? It may be that family and friends might be very appreciative of a spare sofa or picture for their walls but the chances are you will still be able to look around your home and wonder what you can do with the rest of it. It is too good to go to the dump and putting it all on ebay is such a lot of effort and you are not really sure of the value.

We would strongly recommend getting an expert in, someone who can cast their eye over a wide variety of objects, furniture, pictures, silver even jewellery and toys and tell you in a matter of minutes what yourIMG_2620 items might be worth. Of course there are many auctioneers out there but we are happy to recommend Bellmans in Billingshurst. One of the largest salerooms outside of London, Jonathan Pratt the managing director has close links with Wilson Hill and also works closely with the larger international auction houses in London. Bellmans would not only give you an idea of the value of all your various items but then of course, should you decide to sell all or some of your objects, they would be happy to enter them into one of their auctions. Or should you be lucky enough to uncover a long lost painting by Monet, an Imperial Chinese vase or a rare blue diamond in your attic or the back of a cupboard, Bellmans would use their connections with the London auction houses to make sure that your treasure is placed into the correct sale for it to achieve the very best price.

It may be that you are not moving at all and you just need some idea of value for insurance purposes or indeed that you are emptying a house on behalf of an elderly relative who is no longer with us or has moved into a home and you have little or no idea of what the contents are let alone their value.

Jonathan recently popped into to Wilson Hill with his magnificent Leonberger Dude, to have a chat with Russell. Do not be afraid, although Dude is a considerable size, he truly is a gentle giant…….…although Daisy may take some convincing ……….…last time they met she may have had a little accident!

Jonathan can be contacted on 01403700858 or by email, or you can visit Bellmans website at


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