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So you are thinking of moving?

Added on 26th June 2015

What is the first thing to do? Where do you start?

Well the first thing we would recommend would be get your paper work in order. Have you had any building works done on the house, or made any alterations or extensions? Any work done on your house will come with accompanying paper work whether that be guarantees of the works that have been carried out or the necessary planning permission or building regulations. It is important and helpful for a smooth sales process to have as much of this paper work in order as you possibly can.

Presentation of your home is key to achieving a good sale. First impressions really do count and buyers often make their minds up about a property almost before they have got through the front door so make the approach to your home feel as welcoming as you can. A couple of pots outside the front door with half dead plants doesn’t give the best first impression so plant up those pots with some colourful seasonal flowers and sweep up the dead leaves and the whole thing will give a much cheerier appearance.


Then taking those first steps inside your buyer will notice those things that you have become familiar with. Maybe a pile of things that you haven’t got round to putting away? Try and see your home as if for the first time and take the opportunity to clear the clutter. I know (from personal experience!) that this is easier said than done and that it takes time but it is well worth the effort.



Or perhaps they will notice that wet dog smell which you have become used to. We all love our own pets as much as (sometimes more than) members of our family but if we are truly honest with ourselves they sometimes contribute to our lives in rather unhelpful ways……..they may be a little smelly or generously leave their hairs all over the carpets and much as we love our own pets, we rarely see the finer points in other peoples pets! So try and keep muddy paws, pet hairs and smells under control and perhaps limited to the utility room.

The de cluttered clean and tidy look would ideally continue throughout the house. Although a bunch of flowers or the odd pot plant won’t be the clincher on any deal they will help to give any buyers a positive feel in your home. I wouldn’t say you need to go as far as brewing up freshly ground coffee or baking your own bread ready for every viewing but a fresh bunch of flowers can’t do any harm.

The same can be said of the garden. No one is expecting it to be RHS standards or ready to show at Chelsea but mowing the lawn and keeping the weeds down to a minimum will help purchasers to see the garden as manageable.

Depending on the condition of your property a spruce up with a lick of paint both inside and out can help. Of course this is more of an expense so if any buyer is likely to do a lot of work to the house it may not be worth your while but if the house is otherwise ready to move into then updating a tired hallway, kitchen or bathroom can make a difference to how your house is perceived.

Planning ahead is often good advice in any area of your life but when it comes to selling your home, the largest asset most of us ever own, it can be even more important, if that is you have the luxury of time. If you can choose when the photographs for the brochure are taken to suit the time of year that shows your house in its best light, so much the better. Generally this would be the summer when your garden is looking at its best so why not get those photographs taken and keep them on file until you are ready to start marketing, which could easily be in the depths of winter.

Summer main shot - MarlfieldFront of house

If you need any more advice or ideas about getting your house ready to market the experienced Wilson Hill team would always be happy to help so why not give us a call 01730 262600.


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