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Spud and Daisy are chipped!

Added on 12th March 2016

Daisy – Hey Spud, how’s things?Spud in Daisy's bed

Spud – Daisy my wee pal – all good with me thanks. I see you have a new dog bed, is it comfy? I might just have to try it out for size……

Daisy – I think Spud, you will find that it is way too small for you and just about the perfect size for me! And yes thanks it is very comfy so keep your curly brown butt out of it! So changing the subject Spud have you got a chip?

Spud – a chip? Why? Are you hungry?

Daisy – well I am always hungry, especially if there are chips on offer but no, I was not referring to a potato chip. I was asking if you have an identity chip? You know one of those little things the vet puts under your skin that they can then scan and see who we are and who we belong to.

Spud – oh I see! I misunderstood you! Yes, Daisy I do have a chip with Russell and Square’s phone number and the name of my vet and everything.

Daisy – I am very pleased to hear that Spud because you know that the law is changing and all dogs have to have a chip by 6th April this year? And if you don’t have a chip your owners can be fined £500

Spud – Yes Daisy I did know that. That is a lot of money. Also if you have puppies they have to be chipped before they go to their new homes. I assume you have a chip too?

Daisy – Yup all up to date and fully legal. Do you remember when we first opened the office and I got out of the garden and went next door to the pub?

Spud – oh yes Daisy, I do remember

Daisy – well the nice people at the pub didn’t know back then who I was so they took me to the vet. I didn’t like that much the smells in the pub are much nicer – they have chips in the pub too! Anyway When I got to the vet they were able to scan my chip and they called Harriet to say that I was safe and well and she came over straight away and picked me up. Also another time my naughty daughter ran away on a walk in Richmond Park and she was found by someone who took her to the vet and the same thing happened. So thanks to our chips we both got home safely.

Spud – sounds to me like Jack Russell’s are very naughty always running off and getting into trouble. Nobody has ever had to scan my chip

Daisy – oh look at you, miss goody four paws!


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