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Spud and Daisy Interview Russell

Added on 27th January 2014

Russell with dogs 003

Spud -So Russell, you have brought us here to Wilson Hill’s lovely new office, in Petersfield and although we found it a bit strange to begin with, I think we are settling into it now, don’t you Daisy? But we don’t really know what it is all about, so can you tell us? Do you mind if we ask you a few questions about estate agency?

Firstly, what exactly do you do here at Wilson Hill Estate Agents?

Russell – We help people buy and sell houses, by matching buyers to sellers, with a house which fits what they want. It may be a house with a large garden for the dogs or near lovely walks.

Spud – That is very interesting and sounds really helpful if you’re wanting to sell your property in West Sussex or Hampshire. And what makes us different from other agents?

Russell – We are a regional agent which means we cover a bigger area than is typical from one country office. The area we cover is Hampshire and West Sussex and there is not a lane we don’t know.

Spud – Okay so now I understand that you are selling houses in the Petersfield area, when will see your first property on the market?

Russell – We have some exciting instructions for February and March, so rather like spring bulbs we are getting everything ready at the moment. We will let you know much more about them as soon as we can.

Spud – Oh that is very exciting, we will look forward to hearing about the new properties soon, won’t we Daisy? When is a good time to move house?

Russell – Well that depends on your circumstances. The spring has traditionally been a good time as the days get longer and the gardens look fresh but in this digital world the market is becoming less seasonal. However being prepared is the key as good photographs whether winter, spring or summer are an important tool in selling your house. The best results come when people have planned their move. If you have been in your house for a long time you will be out of practice and we can help guide you through the property maze.

Spud – How long have you lived in the Hampshire / West Sussex area?

Russell – A lifetime Spud, over 50 years, man and boy. In fact I was born at home in Bentley, not even in a hospital.

Spud– Wow that is a long time, so you must know it really well. Do you think Daisy and I are helping?

Russell – We love your fresh approach and enthusiasm for what we do.

Spud – Daisy do you have any questions for Russell?

Daisy – Yes as it happens, I do, where is my supper?

Spud – Oh Daisy, you are always thinking about food! Now is not the time for that, we are here to find out more about what it is Russell does!

Daisy – Oh sorry Spud, you are right I must focus……well then another thing I wanted to know was can we come and see some of the properties with you?

Russell – I am sorry Daisy but no, you won’t be able to come and see the properties. The owners spend a lot of time getting them all clean and beautiful and ready to sell and they don’t want any of your muddy paw prints or dog hairs messing the place up.




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