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Spud has to visit the vet….

Added on 10th July 2015

Daisy – Spud what is that fetching blue collar you have been wearing? Is it some kind of fashion statement? The latest trend on the Paris Dog Walk?

Spud – Sadly not Daisy, it is a horrible, uncomfortable collar that the vet put on me. Apparently it is supposed to stop me licking and biting at my stiches, which are really itchy.

Daisy – Vet? Stiches? Why have you had stiches?

Spud – I had to have an operation Daisy.

Daisy – Oh Spud I am so sorry, how are you feeling?

Spud – well I am much better now thanks

Daisy – what was wrong?

Spud – I am not sure I want to say, it is a bit embarrassing.

Daisy – Oh Spud you can tell me!

Spud – Okay well you mustn’t laugh.

Daisy – Promise

Spud – I had a few problems with my anal glands and I don’t know if you have every watched Embarrassing Bodies on television but I also had a rather unsightly wart on my rear end.

Daisy – So what did the vet do? Did it hurt?

Spud – Oh Daisy, it was horrid and yes it did hurt. I was very unhappy for a couple of days. The vet gave me a general anaesthetic so I went to sleep and whilst I was asleep he removed my anal glands and the wart thankfully. I had two lots of stiches and it was very uncomfortable to sit down.

Daisy – but you are all better now? You are looking pretty chirpy I must say.

Spud – I am so much better thank you Daisy.

Daisy – hehe – Sorry Spud, I know you said I mustn’t laugh but now that you are better it is a bit funny.



Spud – Well I am feeling so much better, back to full fitness and enjoying the tennis season. Looking forward to the finals at Wimbledon at the weekend.



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