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Welcome home Daisy!

Added on 26th March 2015

 Spud – Daisy, your back, thank heavens! We have been so busy whilst you have been away I even had to bring Worcester in to help me out. How are you? And how was your holiday? Where did you go?

Daisy – Hi Spud, I had a lovely time thank you. I went to Suffolk to stay with my daughter.

Spud – the naughty one?

Daisy – Yes, Spud, the naughty one but she was actually quite well behaved whilst I was staying and we had lots of great games, lovely long walks and I got to sit on Granny’s lap loads of times.

Spud – That sounds like a perfect holiday. Did you get to each cheese as well?

Daisy – oh Spud, you and your cheese obsession! Yes, I even got a few left overs including the odd little taste of cheese. So Spud, tell me about you being so busy in the office, what have you been up to?

Spud – Oh well, we have been showing lots of very lovely houses to lots of people. We’ve also been going out to see people who are thinking about selling as well as agreeing several sales. One of our new instructions near Empshott has a beautiful daffodil-lines drive leading to it, so pretty at this time of year, and while Worcester was there taking photographs he also investigated some of the fabulous walks directly from the house. Meanwhile I took the opportunity of sampling the indoor delights of this very pretty cottage that we are selling in Shalden – I tested the effectiveness of the wood burner and pronounced it 10 out of 10 for warmth! But generally out and about in the Hampshire countryside the spring flowers are popping up, blossom is coming out, lambs are being born and the evenings are so much lighter now that I even have time for a walk after work!    Sheep with lambs

May Cottage Sitting Room (1)Daisy – Yes, you are so right Spud. It is lovely to hear the birds all chirping away in the sunshine and to see the lambs. There are definitely signs of spring in the air. Well done you for holding the fort so brilliantly whilst I was away and now I am back and well rested, so ready to get my nose back to the grindstone!

Spud – That is great news Daisy. I am worn out from keeping everything together so, you get stuck in whilst I just have a little rest and do a bit more research into the benefits of wood burners!

Square – Hi you two, we thought as you have been working so hard we would give you a bit of a ‘bonus’ – hope you enjoy!

Daisy – Yummy, my favourite

Spud – me too…..but what are you inferring by giving us a pig’s ear…..? What are you suggesting?            IMG_1620Daisy with pigs ear 3


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