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Added on 23rd January 2014

Morning Daisy, Spud here. I hope you have enjoyed the brief respite from the rain – they say there is more on the way so don’t put your galoshes away yet.

Did you hear those partners talking this morning? They were talking about how busy the property market is for this time of year and what a great time it is to sell your house. They said they have seen a visible growth in confidence and activity in the property market with an unusual number of good, proceedable applicants. I thought I might have seen some visible growth of the first spring bulbs in my garden the other day.

Yes Spud, I am looking forward to spring. It is just around the corner and I love scampering through the bluebells on a sunny spring morning. It is nice to see a bit of blue sky even if it is only for a short while.

Cropped bluebells

Spud I had an idea –  as you and I don’t know that much about the property market in the Petersfield area why don’t we ask one of the partners to do a guest blog for us soon? Then they can tell us all about the houses for sale in Hampshire and West Sussex and how the market is performing?

I love that idea Daisy and that way we can leave them to do all the hard work whilst we have a little lie down. I think we deserve a break – it’s a dog’s life!


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