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What has over 60 years of estate agency taught us?

The best estate agents are…

part diplomat, part acrobat

We are in a privileged position of seeing an incredible range of property and people and using that experience to ‘solve’ problems not create them.

That we are only as good as our last client… word of mouth recommendation is the strongest advert any business can wish for.

Love what you do

See the bigger picture – we have always trusted our instincts and strong local knowledge

Empathy – a shared understanding with our clients of living and working in this wonderful part of the world.

Listen – and never assume.

Be human – compassion and caring is a strength not a weakness. Moving house is the most stressful experience anyone undertakes.

Communication – be the best, speak often and use technology with a human touch, not at the expense of it.

Never be embarrassed to admit you got it wrong… we are never right 100% of the time and use that experience to be wiser.

Do not forget who is paying your bill, be prepared to stand your ground for your clients best interests.

Have a sense of humour.

Trust us

Tools of the trade?

Having built successful businesses in the teeth of the early 90’s recession, sold them to London brands and experienced the 00’s recession with them, what lessons have we learned?


Keep it simple is key.

Hands-on approach with great street presence.

Great website with human interaction.

Wonderful brochures and fabulous photographs.

Say it, as it is.

Having the best marketing tools and for sale boards.

Hands on contact. Know your buyers and show houses yourself.

Know your client and see them often.

Our regional centre of excellence provides terrific team communication.

Great office coffee – drop in and see us.

Be an honest broker