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Spud and Daisy browse the web

Added on 3rd November 2015

Spud – Daisy, you know our beds in the office? Do you think perhaps we should have an upgrade?

Daisy – What do you mean Spud?

Spud – well I have been having a little look online….

Daisy – online?   26fbdca7e99e40bfc8fb5283632f523f

Spud – yes, you know on the computer, and you wouldn’t believe what I saw! The beds that some dogs get are so swish, not to mention some of the dog houses. Here take a look……there is this one with the pink feathers all around…….I wouldn’t be seen dead in that, it would clash with my gorgeous autumn red colouring. In fact at this time of year I am so well camouflaged. I bet you can hardly see me in amongst the autumn leaves! But I really don’t like those prickles – what are they? They are so uncomfortable.

Daisy – I know what you mean Spud, they are very prickly and get into the pads on my feet too. But the good thing about them is the squirrels seem to like to eat them so whilst they are busy munching away I get a chance to sneak up on them. It is one of my favourite games……although I have never caught up with one yet. Let me see those pictures online……. Oh look Spud, look at this one!


It has its own lamp, so we won’t be afraid of the dark and a bowl for our water or maybe if we are lucky a snackerel!untitled

Spud – oh yes, I’m always keen for a snackerel. What do you think of this one? It looks like a human bed. There are so many choices, I really think we should ask Square and Harriet for new beds.3b2e09310e7eb40590a541a3d950411e

Daisy – well I have to say Spud I particularly like your bed in the office although my bed at home is the best.

Spud – yes, I have noticed how comfortable you seem to be in MY bed!Dasiy in Spuds bed

Daisy – look at this dog house Spud, it is so modern and funky and actually I think I would look quite good in this one with my Jack Russell white colouring……..although would hmodern-dog-home-Freshome02aving my own whole house mean that I have to live outside? In the cold? And the dark? I don’t think I like the idea of that Spud, I am rather too fond of the wood burner!

Spud – me too Daisy, I don’t think I want my own house. I would get lonely, cold and scared!spud in her bed


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