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Valentine’s Day at Wilson Hill

Added on 10th February 2015

Spud – Daisy, Valentine’s Day is coming up – are you getting excited?can i have some

Daisy – Well sort of but I doubt I will get a card or any flowers.

Spud – Why would you want flowers? Or a card?

Daisy – Well that is traditional isn’t it? You know, a nice meal, some flowers, chocolates and a card?

Spud – What on earth would I want with flowers and a card? And as for chocolate, that could kill me! No Daisy, I was hoping for cheese! In fact there is a rather lovely cheddar which is made in a heart shape. I think that would be a lovely Valentine’s gift but sadly I don’t think anyone is going to give me any presents.

Daisy – Do you have a boyfriend Spud?spud and tiki

Spud – No Daisy, I have never had a boyfriend. I do love my cat friend Tiki but I am not sure that counts. What about you Daisy?

Daisy – oh Spud, it is a long story. I had a boyfriend once. We had a brief fling and I got pregnant and I have never seen him since. He left me with six puppies – it was all a bit of a nightmare.Harriet's Ipad 19.6.14 1746

Spud – Oh Daisy, you saucy little furry friend. How did you cope with all those children on your own?

Daisy – Well they have all grown up and moved to good homes now. I still see one of my daughters but she is terribly naughty. I don’t know where I went wrong with her.

Spud – I think I would like to have a boyfriend, it sounds exciting. There is a Dalmatian called Wilbur who holds a bit of a candle for me but I don’t fancy him, he is a bit too spotty for me and if I got together with him I might risk having 101 puppies!


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